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Highlights of Lanka IOC

Lanka IOC PLC as one of the leaders in Sri Lanka Oil Companies had a Rs 2.83 billion net profit for the six months ended 30 September 2013, up from Rs 1.37 billion a year ago, interim financial results filed with the stock exchange showed.

Revenue for the six-month period increased to Rs 39.23 billion, up from
Rs 38.86 billion a year ago.Distribution costs fell to Rs 855.75 million, down from Rs 889.24 million a year ago.

Finance income grew to Rs 100.98 million, down from Rs 51.3 million and finance costs increased to Rs 309.49 million, up from Rs 155.84 million a year ago. Basic earnings-per-share amounted to Rs 5.32, up from Rs 2.58 a year ago