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Inauguration of new Green RO of Lanka IOC PLC



Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director (Human Resources), Indian Oil Corporation & Chairman, Lanka IOC and Mr. Shyam Bohra, Managing Director of LIOC recently inaugurated the new Lanka IOC Retail Outlet in Pepiliyana, Colombo. This is part of a corporate dealership with M/s Southern Petroleum. M/s Southern Petroleum is part of a highly diversified business group of Sri Lanka  M/s Laugfs Holdings Ltd.

This RO at Pepiliyana is special in many senses. It further strengthens our presence in Colombo which is the most important market in Sri Lanka. For the first time such a Solar Canopy has been designed & installed at any RO. Furthermore, this RO is being certified as Green RO by Green Building Council of Sri Lanka. Once certified, as per GreenSL this is going to be first such RO in Sri Lanka & most probably first such certified RO in Asia. Aim for such certification is to bring focus on importance of environment sustainability & reduce Carbon footprint. This becomes more important for us as we are operating in Petroleum industry, our products being responsible for lot of carbon emissions. For GreenSL certification, following activities are being done besides other compliances:

  1. Harvesting of rain water
  2. Disposal of waste water/garbage
  3. Planting of green plants like bamboo trees etc
  4. Interlock grass paving/creation of vertical gardens, etc
  5. LED lighting at the Canopy , Sales building and street lights
  6. Fixing of Vapor recovery at the vent lines and fuel dispensing nozzles.
  7. Updated maintenance and fire protection system, etc.

Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Chairman LIOC also inaugurated the linking of the Solar Power System to the National Grid. This momentous event, marking the first green petrol station in Sri Lanka, was concluded with the planting of saplings & mementos to all the staff of the Retail Outlet.