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Lanka IOC first fuel lab certified for ISO 9001:2008

Lanka IOC was established in Sri Lanka in the year 2002. Today Lanka IOC is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka and is ranked among the top three companies with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 80 billion.

LIOC is not only engaged in petroleum retaining thru our 179 petrol sheds, LIOC is also into marketing of lubricant, bitumen and bunker fuels where we they enjoy sizable market share.

Oil terminal at Trincomalee is the storage hub for petroleum products in Eastern part of the country. Besides Oil storage LIOC is having a full fledged blending plant in Trincomalee for lubricants with an annual capacity of 18000 MT. Lanka IOC has always believed in high quality standards and has set up a state of the art quality control laboratory in Trincomalee.

Although LIOC had a laboratory in place with state of the art equipments and high quality standards, a need was felt for getting external certification for the same. On 8th April’15 , LIOC became the first company in Sri Lanka to get its fuel lab certified for ISO 901:2008 from Sri Lanka Standard Institute.

This is a significant achievement in our journey towards providing quality products and enhancing confidence for our customers.

Our state of the art lube testing facility has also been certified for ISO 9001:2008 along with the fuel facility. Lanka IOC wishes to make Trincomalee a quality hub for petroleum sector.