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Lanka IOC unveils a range of lubricants with synthetic chemistry

Lanka IOC PLC, unveiled a range of new age lubricants in the presence of a large gathering of customers from the automobile industry, OEM representatives, trade partners and distributors at a colourful ceremony at the ‘Atrium’ of Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Following the launch of Servo Futura range of lubricants consisting of SERVO Futura Synth, SERVO Futura P, SERVO Futura P Plus, and SERVO Futura D, Lanka IOC PLC Managing Director, Subodh Dakwale, said the launch today marks a distinct technological milestone in the 40 year history of brand ‘SERVO’.
Speaking further he said: “SERVO Futura meets the latest international specifications of American Petroleum Institute, Volvo and Mercedes Benz, besides the latest European specifications. With the launch of SERVO Futura Synth Lanka IOC now joins the select brands of premium global lubricants that offer fully synthetic engine oils.”
The top-end offering SERVO Futura Synth is a 100% synthetic premium lubricant that is formulated from performance enhancing Polaphoalefins group-IV base oils and additives that are classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). SERVO Futura Synth meets the most advanced performance level standards of API SN, with 5W-50 viscometrics ensuring improved mileage and excellent engine performance. The product offers outstanding protection to engine, besides, enhanced engine life through its effective anti-wear capabilities.

SERVO Futura P+, a hybrid synthetic oil meeting the highest specifications of API SN, is another superior engine oil as also are SERVO Futura P and SERVO Futura D – for petrol and diesel engines respectively.
SERVO Futura range of lubricants are a unique combination of products and services that enable users to combine high quality maintenance and reduced operating costs for materials. It is the smart solution for people who want to simplify the maintenance of their car. It caters to an entire range of new generation vehicles and the advantage of Futura is that it clings to the piston and works even when the engine is not running. It shields the engine’s crucial components even when it’s off providing round-the-clock protection for your car’s engine. The superior polar chemistry ensures cleaner engine, provides enhanced engine life and lower maintenance cost.

SERVO with more than a 40% share in the Indian market of approximately 1.4 million metric tonnes served by more than 40 lubricant companies which include all of the world’s leading brands, is fast becoming Sri Lanka’s preferred choice of lubricants ahead of its competitors due to the unmatched quality and range of its products. Today, SERVO is the second largest selling brand in Sri Lanka. Continued availability resulting from a wide distribution network further fortifies its stake in the market as a major player. SERVO’s attention to detail also ensures that venturing into new explorations, collaborations and relationships are consistently carried out in accordance with the company’s vision of providing unrivaled product and service excellence. Recently LIOC has commenced manufacturing group II based diesel engine oils meeting API CH4 specification in its plant in Trincomalee. LIOC has launched the concept of SERVO Shops which are exclusive shops for marketing SERVO range of lubricants.

Speaking on this occasion Dakwale, further said, “Being a market leader, we have a keen eye on the ever changing dynamics of the market. Rising oil prices and the ever-growing demand for environment protection has resulted in the industry seeking energy-efficient and less polluting engines. In turn this has pressurized oil manufacturers into delivering absolutely cutting-edge products.”

He further stated that for more than 40 years SERVO has worked assiduously to earn the trust of man and the respect of machine. Working deep inside the crankcase of high-speed engines where massive heat is generated and friction can cause engines to seize, SERVO has discharged an important responsibility with self-belief and commitment. Today, it symbolizes innovation, technology, reliance and value.

Lanka IOC PLC is the overseas venture of IOC India, a Fortune 500 company. It is the only private oil company other than the state-owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) that operates over 150 retail petrol/diesel stations in Sri Lanka and has a very efficient lube marketing network. Its major facilities include an oil terminal at Trincomalee, Sri Lanka’s largest petroleum storage facility and an 18,000 tonnes per annum capacity lubricant blending plant and state-of-the-art fuels and lubricants testing laboratory at Trincomalee. With a powerful compilation of energy brands in addition to the SERVO brand of lubricants including, ‘XtraPremium Euro III Petrol, XtraMile Diesel’ strengthening its portfolio, IOC India has also paved the way for Lanka IOC to achieve a turnover of Rs 60.4 billion.