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Tender no: LIOC/ ENG/ GT/ 02/ 2019– 20


Lanka IOC PLC invites global tender in prescribed tender form under two bid system from bonafide contractors/ suppliers for the following works:






12th July’2019

From 0900 Hrs




15th Aug’2019

Up to 1700 Hrs




TEL: +94 11 2475707


Email:  elamarantk@lankaioc.com [1]

Please visit our website www.lankaioc.com [2] for further details on this tender.



Level 20, West Tower,

World Trade Center, Echelon Square,

Colombo 01


Tenders under single stage two-part system (Part I: Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II: Price Bid) are invited from reliable, bonafide & experienced Manufacturers or their authorized agent /authorized importer/authorized distributor/authorized dealer for “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Laboratory Equipments at Lanka IOC Terminal, Trincomalee, Srilanka”.


Notice Inviting Tender:


a.      Name of Work Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Laboratory Equipments at Lanka IOC Terminal, Trincomalee, Srilanka”.
b. Location  of Work Lanka IOC Terminal, China-bay, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
c. Mode of Tender Global Tender

(Part I – Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II – Price Bid)

d.      Tender No. LIOC/ENG/GT/02/2019-20
e.      Commencement of Sale of Tender / Downloading of Tender 12th July’2019 @ 0900 hrs
f.       Closure of Sale of Tender/ Downloading of Tender 15th Aug’2019 @ 1700 hrs
g. Tender Fee LKR 5,000 (non refundable/ non transferable) in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of Lanka IOC PLC and payable at Colombo or USD 30/- as the case maybe.


Please note that there is no tender fee in case of Bidder downloading the Bid Documents from Lanka IOC Website i.e. www.lankaioc.com [3]. Please ensure that you have got yourselves registered in the name in which the Bid is intended to be submitted.

h.      Pre –Bid Meeting 02nd Aug’2019 @ 10:30 hrs at Lanka IOC Oil Terminal, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.


Bidders requested to send their quarries to through emails before 01st July’2019 17:00 hrs to,

Senior Vice President (Eng)

Email:  elamarantk@lankaioc.com [1]

i. Due Date and Time for Submission of Tender 16th Aug’2019 @ 14:00 hrs.


The intending bidders

are required to submit their offer in the Tender Box at the following address before the due date and time:

SVP (Engineering)


Level 20, West Tower, World Trade Center,

Echelon Square, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.

j. Due Date & time of opening of Part-I

(i.e. Techno-Commercial Bid)

16th Aug’2019 @ 15:00 hrs
k. Date of opening of Part II i.e.

Price bid

Shall be informed separately
l. Verification of Bid Documents (with their original copies) 16th, 19th & 20th Aug’2019 (after Tender Opening and during working hours)
m. Work Completion Time 10 weeks for Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Handing Over.
n. Bid Bond/ Earnest Money Deposit For Local (Sri Lanka) Bidders or Foreign Bidders bidding through Local Agents :

The bidders are required to deposit Bid Bond/ Earnest Money of LKR 125,000/- along with the Technical Bid by way of Demand Draft/ Banker’s Cheque in favour of Lanka IOC PLC and payable at Colombo.


Please note that Bid Bond must not be enclosed with the envelope containing Price Bid. Bids received without proper instrument of Bid Bond/ Earnest Money or in a manner different as above may render the tender liable for rejection.


For Foreign Bidder:

The bidders are required to deposit EMD/Bid Security of USD 710/- By way of TT Transfer in favour of Lanka IOC PLC directly into the designated bank mentioned as below and enclose a copy of the Swift Message.


Lanka IOC PLC FCBU account no. 25273008920219 held with State Bank of India, Colombo (SWIFT CODE: – SBINLKLXFCB) through their account no.000146528 with HSBC, USA, New York (SWIFT CODE: MRMDUS33).


Alternatively, Demand Draft drawn on Lanka IOC PLC payable at Colombo can be submitted along with the Technical Bid.


Pre-Qualification Criteria


1.  Experience: Bidder should have supplied and installed the tendered items to any industries/any other user during the past five years ending June’2019. Values shall be as per following. (In Sri Lankan Rupee or equivalent Foreign currency)

a.   3 similar work orders each of value not less than LKR 5.0 Mil OR

b.   2 similar work orders each of value not less than LKR 6.2 Mil OR

c.    Single similar work order of value not less than LKR 10.0 Million


2.  Annual Turnover: Audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss account for the last 3 (three) financial years. Average annual financial turn over during shall be at least LKR LKR 3.75 Million or equivalent Foreign currency.

3.   Business Registration and VAT/GST registration certificate: Submission of application for VAT/GST registration shall not be considered as valid document.


Relevant documents should submit inline with   requirement in ANNEXURE-III.

 I. Part I Techno-Commercial bid will be opened on specified date and time as given in the NIT. Bidder(s) can witness opening of bid at the venue as mentioned.


Part II Price bid will be opened of only those bidder(s) whose Part I Techno- Commercial Bid is found to be Techno-Commercially acceptable by LANKA IOC PLC. Such bidder(s) will be intimated date of opening of Part II Price bid, through valid email. The email shall be as used by them for registering themselves at Lanka IOC website at the time of downloading the Tender or as mentioned by them in the “Bidder’s Information”.

II. Corrigenda / addenda / clarifications, if any, shall be hosted on the above mentioned website only. No separate advertisement will be made in the print media. Tenderer should visit the website frequently to check for updates.
III. The documents uploaded by bidder(s) will be scrutinized. In case any of the information furnished by the bidder is found to be false during scrutiny, Bid Bond/ EMD of defaulting bidder(s) will be forfeited. Punitive action including suspension and banning of business/ Holiday listing can also be taken against defaulting bidders.



Procedure for Selection of Contractor


  1. Submission of Bid Documents: Offer shall be considered for evaluation only in respect of Bidders who have submitted the tender within the due date and time and with the requisite Bid Bond/ EMD. All details as required in the “Statement of Credentials/ Bidder’s Information” shall necessarily be filled up and copies of documents in support of meeting the pre qualification criteria be submitted failing which the Bid may be summarily rejected.


  1. Verification of Documents: The backup documents submitted in support of the credentials and the pre qualification criterion shall be verified with their original copies and which have to be brought to this office by the respective Bidders on the dates mentioned for “Verification of Original Documents”. Refusal to furnish the original documents for verification may render the bid liable for rejection.


  1. Technical Qualification: Tenderer will be considered as technically qualified based on meeting qualifying parameters and after verification of original documents towards the same as stipulated above. Decision of Lanka IOC on the same shall be final and binding. In the event, document submitted by the tenderer is found to be forged or incorrect, such tenderer shall be rejected and bid bond submitted shall be forfeited immediately. Such tenderer is also liable to be put on Holiday List by IOC.


  1. Price Bid Opening & Finalisation of Contract: Tenderers are required to quote fixed amount in the Price Schedule.  Price Bid of only technically qualified parties shall be opened, after intimation to successful tenderers.  Status of tenderers shall be arrived at based on the price quoted by individual tenderers and arranged from lowest bidder to highest bidder in terms of quotation equipment wise. In case of identical rates received, parties having higher annual average turnover in the last 3 financial years i.e. as worked out for qualifying criteria shall get precedence. Turn over if not provided for any year shall be considered as zero for the purpose of calculating the average.


The lowest acceptable rate with or without negotiation & accepted by Lanka IOC shall be considered for award of work.

Bidders may note that along with the supply of laboratory equipment as detailed in the tender, the “scope of works” would inter alia necessarily include delivery, installation, testing & commissioning along with the supply.


  1. Number of Parties/ Contractors/ Vendors: One Contractor/ Vendor shall be selected for one equipment.


The Tenderers are advised to submit their offer strictly adhering to the terms and conditions and specifications contained in the Tender document and not to stipulate any deviations. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the Tender outright not withstanding their status on quoted rates.


Canvassing of information or submission of forged or false documents / information by any Tenderer shall make their offer invalid. In addition, action shall also be taken by Lanka IOC PLC for forfeiture of bid bond as well as putting the Tenderer on Holiday list.

The successful tenderer will have to execute an agreement with LIOC PLC, covering all aspects to the contract, in the form prescribed, immediately before commencement of work. Intending tenders should acquaint themselves with provision of the agreement before sending the tenders.

Tenders should reach ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, LANKA LIOC PLC, LEVEL 20, WEST TOWER, WORLD TRADE CENTRE, ECHELON SQUARE, COLOMBO – 01, SRI LANKA before due date and time mentioned above.