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In every heart, in every part

Indian Oil Corporation stands tall among the world’s biggest, and best oil companies.


India Oil offers the largest network of fuel stations in the subcontinent, covering the widest area and providing the best service.  Our stations set the standard for quality of service and fuel provision across the country, and from the icy heights of the Himalayas to the sun-soaked shores of Kerala, from Kutch on India’s western tip to Kohima in the verdant North East, Indian Oil is truly ‘in every heart, in every part’ of India.

India Oil is India’s largest company by turnover, and is the highest ranked Indian company on the “Fortune 500” listings, in 83rd. It has 49% of the petroleum products market in India, owns 10 of the 20 refineries in the country, and has 67% of the downstream sector pipeline capacity.

Indian Oil has been ranked as India’s No. 1 brand by UK-based Brand Finance, an independent consultancy that deals with the valuation of brands. It has also been listed as India’s Most Trusted Brand’ in the ‘Gasoline’ category in a Readers’ Digest – AC Nielsen survey and topped The Hindu Businessline’s “India’s Most Valuable Brands” list.

However, the value of the Indian Oil brand is not just limited to its commercial role as an energy provider but encompasses the entire gamut of exploration & production, refining, transportation & marketing, petrochemicals, natural gas and downstream marketing operations abroad.

Above all, Indian Oil is a national brand owned by over a billion Indians and that is simply priceless.

Expanding Horizons

Indian Oil is currently metamorphosing from a pure sectoral company with dominance in downstream in India to a vertically integrated, transnational energy behemoth. The Corporation is already on the way to becoming a major player in petrochemicals by integrating its core refining business with petrochemical activities, besides making large investments in E&P and import/marketing ventures for oil & gas in India and abroad.

Indian Oil Corporation Companies

Indian Oil (Mauritius) Ltd

marutiesThird largest petroleum company in Mauritius with a market share of 24%, and 42% of the Aviation Fuel sector. Runs a major bulk storage terminal at Mer Rouge, and filling stations throughout the country.More

IOC Middle East FZE

uaelogoIndian Oil’s subsidiary overseeing business expansion in the Middle East, mainly through blending and marketing SERVO products and marketing petroleum products. More

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd

cpclworld class refining company with a dominant presence in South India. Formed in 1965, it operates two refineries with a capacity of 10.5MMTPA. More

Indian Oil – Creda Biofuels Ltd

bioA project aimed at delivering “Green Energy from Rural India”, CREDA Biofuels Ltd. envisages production of 30,000 metric tonnes (MT) of biodiesel per annum from energy crop plantation on 30,000 hectare of revenue wasteland. More