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Nitrogen and Free Air

Pamper your tyres with Nitrogen Gas

Long term pressure stability

Refill required only every 60-75 days

Better pressure stability means you fill up less often

Reduces fuel consumption

Better for you, and the environment

Properly maintained and filled tyres lowers fuel consumption and helps you look after the environment

Longer tyre life

Protect your tyres

When you look after your tyres, they will look after you

Better grip and handling

Enhances safety

Better pressure means better grip and safer driving

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Where can i get nitrogen?

      When you use nitrogen gas from Lanka IOC, you will be protecting your car, protecting the environment, and protecting yourself.  It provides long term pressure stability, meaning you need only refill once every 60-75 days, lowering fuel consumption, extending the life of your tyres and offering better grip and handling.

      It is simply the best way to look after your tyres, and it will save you money and time into the bargain.  Lanka IOC offers nitrogen and free air to its customers across Sri Lanka, so take a look and see where the closest outlet is to you.