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100% performance every time

World class energy for Sri Lanka

Lanka IOC believes that Sri Lanka deserves a world class petroleum industry, and is committed to making sure that our customers experience nothing but the very best. As such, we have an unmatched commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.  All Lanka IOC products go through a rigorous schedule of quality assurance at every stage of the delivery process, to ensure that what reaches the customer is of an unmatched standard.

As Sri Lanka grows into an increasingly prosperous country, it needs its energy industry to grow not just in size, but in quality, to ensure that the nation has everything it needs to move forward into the future. Lanka IOC is committed to spearheading that development, with ambitious plans that are always focused on quality, sustainability and caring for you, our stakeholders.

All our products are measured against the toughest international standards to make sure that every Lanka IOC product offer 100% performance, every time.