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    Supply of Diesel by Lanka IOC against US$

    Lanka IOC is open to register the exporters, tourism service providers registered under SLTDA, licensed telecommunication service providers and power generation companies for supply of diesel against receipt of US$ on Principal-to-Principal basis, within the regulatory framework. In this connection, the following may please be noted:

  • 1. Online registration form for supply of diesel is to be mandatorily filled by all the applicants. All the applicants are required to complete the form and submit the same online along with required documentation upload for faster processing.

  • 2. Applicants are requested to kindly go through the Modalities for supply of diesel thoroughly.

  • 3. Click here for the Supply Price presently applicable in US$ per Litre. The supply price is subject to change periodically and shall become effective from the date as mentioned in the communication.

  • 4. Click here for the Important contact details.