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M/S Dialog in strategic partnership with Lanka IOC

As per the tie-up with Dialog, cards are issued to Corporate bodies who can use the same for taking fuel from select Lanka IOC Petrol Sheds.

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Udara Pushpakumara


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    This will help Corporate bodies to do away with processing of reimbursements to employees individually, help in tracking fuel consumption and offer the convenience of settling the payment directly with Lanka IOC. Organizations can now monitor every transaction online with detailed information such as date,time and location of each transaction .

    M/S Dialog in strategic partnership with Lanka IOC, has provided the necessary hardware at select Petrol Sheds and has provided web based interface for the Corporates and dealers of Lanka IOC. Currently Lanka IOC is having the Dialog Touch Card Facility at 64 Petrol Sheds with plans of further expansion in the near future.

    Special Features

    • Replacement of the Fuel Book

    • Fast and secure transactions

    • Easy to use tap and go mechanism

    • Multiple applications embedded in a single card

    • Operational efficiency & Cost reduction

    • Instant SMS notification on every Transaction

    • Web Interface for both User & Administrative Fuel Station / Institute

    • Ability to pre determine limits to employees (Fuel limits / Usage times / Filling Stations)

    • Monitor activity by Date, Time and Location of each transaction