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The laboratory is situated in Lanka IOC PLC terminal at China Bay, Trincomalee. This laboratory caters its services mainly to the terminal operation and lube blending plant.

Lab Solutions


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    Lanka IOC PLC laboratory is equipped with the latest modern equipments to carry out testing of both fuel and lubricants according to the internationally recognized ASTM standard test methods.

    Special Features

    • Core/Major Functions

      Base Oil, Gas Oil & Gasoline

      Pre discharge tests are carried out for these three products before receipt through import tankers. The product discharge initiates only after verifying the conformity against the standards. Even during the discharge, the products are monitored by collecting samples from receiving pipe lines at the jetty and receiving end.

      The quality plan of Lanka IOC PLC includes monthly monitoring of the product quality in storage tanks and batch formation tests carried out for each product at regular intervals prescribed.

      Each product before loading to tank trucks is analyzed daily to ensure the quality of the products delivered to Lanka IOC PLC retail out lets.


      Carry out receiving inspection and testing for each & every fuel & lube additive to ensure their receiving quality.


      The laboratory is equipped to carry out testing for lubricants produced at lube blending plant to ensure the suitability of the lubricants for a specific purpose. The testing of lubricants is continuously carried out for each and every batch of lubricants from initial base blend, in process products in kettles and fully blended products. Also the product is tested before filling in to containers/bowsers to verify the conformity.

    • Parameters Tested For Lubricants, Gas Oil, Gasoline, and Fuel Oil at the Laboratory

      • Density
      • Kinematic Viscosity
      • Total Base Number
      • Total Acid Number
      • Strong Acid Number
      • Sulphur
      • Calcium
      • Phosphorous
      • Magnesium
      • Zinc
      • Barium
      • Sulphated Ash
      • Ash
      • Carbon Residue
      • Existent Gum
      • Flash Point – PMCC
      • Flash Point – COC
      • Pour Point
      • Foaming Characteristics
      • ASTM Color
      • Rust Test
      • Emulsion Characteristics
      • Total Sediments
      • Water
      • Distillation
      • Doctor Test
      • Water
      • Cetane index
      • Calorific Value

    • Products Tested

      • Gas Oil (Diesel)
      • Gasoline (Petrol)
      • Base Oil
      • Lubricants
      • Fuel & Lubricant Additives

    • Customer Service

      • The suitability and degree of degradation of
         used lubricating oils are analyzed as a part of
         customer service.
      • Testing of distributor outlet samples on customer’s request

    • Equipments

      The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and latest versions of petroleum testing equipments manufactured by internationally recognized laboratory testing equipment manufacturers. i.e;

      • Koehler (USA)
      • Cannon (USA)
      • Petrotest (Germany)
      • Anton Paar (Austria)
      • Mettler Toledo (Switzerland)
      • PANalytical (Mini Pal 4) (The Netherlands)
      • Stanhope- Seta (UK)
      • Lawler (USA)
      • ISO Lab (Germany)