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Lanka IOC Tender
Management System

About Tenders

The site offers features to facilitate access of tender related material for our website users. We present below a list of features which make our website an “easy to use” experience. We solicit your feedback on any suggestions which would enhance our Tender application. Please email your suggestions to tech@lankaioc.com

Available Content

The Tender Management application has the necessary documentation for a particular tender as well as general documents that may be useful to our suppliers. These documents are stored in our “Standard Documents” section available through the navigation bar on the tender application.

Text search on NIT’s through “Text Search” through keywords. Detailed search based on posting dates, sale dates, Tender submission dates. Graphical search view is also available in the form of a Tender Calendar.

Listing of Tenders

All tenders are available within the Start Sale of Date of Tender and the End date of Sale of tender. All tender documents can be downloaded and printer-friendly versions are available.

Submitting Applications

Registered users may download the tender documents and duly filled application forms can be submitted as per the instructions given in the tender document.

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