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Where can I get Fuel for my vehicle?

Closest sheds where you can buy petrol/diesel

      The best petrol and diesel for your vehicle

      Lanka IOC’s standard petrol and diesel are designed to offer maximum performance and protect your engine. All our fuels conform to the toughest international standards, and we promise that every time you fill up, you will get nothing but the best.

      Our commitment to quality means that we produce the cleanest and greenest fuels in Sri Lanka, that will look after both your engine and the environment.

      Petrol 92 vs Petrol 95

      Different engines are optimised for different octane numbers of petrol.  In order to choose which one is best for your vehicle, the best way is simply to check what your manufacturer recommends.

      Both of Lanka IOC’s Petrol 92 and Petrol 95 are of the highest quality, and using either, or even mixing them in your tank will not damage your engine.  But for the best performance, go with your manufacturer’s recommendation.

      Quality Guaranteed

      Lanka IOC make sure all their products go through rigorous quality checks and multiple quality assurance procedures to ensure that what reaches our customers is nothing but the very highest quality.