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SERVO GEAR HP 80W, HP 90, HP 140


Servo Gear HP oils are extreme pressure automotive gear lubricants and the best lubricant Sri Lanka deserves. These oils are blended from selected base stocks and contain additives to provide extreme pressure, anti-rust-corrosion characteristics.


Servo Gear HP oils are recommended for passenger car, bus and highway truck hypoid, spiral bevel and worm gear axles and also manual transmission for which an extreme pressure gear lubricant of this type is required. Servo Gear HP 80 is specially designed for power transmission units of vehicles operating at sub-zero temperatures.


Servo Gear HP oils meets:

  • API Service GL 4
  • IS: 1118-1957 (Reaffirmed 1993)
  • UK Defence CS 3000A
  • US military MIL-L-2105


  • Satisfy the lubrication requirements of a wide variety of gears.
  • Provide protection against wear, due to good EP characteristics
  • Give long service life even under high temperature operation since it has excellent oxidation stability
  • Provide good protection against corrosion

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