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Servo Futura Synth 5W-50 is a high quality engine oil Sri Lanka deserves, blended with  100% synthetic base stocks blended with  synergistic additive system for outstanding detergency, dispersancy  characteristics, anti-wear and antioxidant properties, high  viscosity index and low temperature flow properties. The additive chemistry and dosage are carefully optimized for control on elements resulting in retention of effectiveness of catalytic converters. This delicately balanced composition provides and exceeds tough industry performance standards thus ensuring reliability, emission control economy and endurance.



Servo Futura Synth 5W-50 is recommended for modern gasoline engines for passenger cars and vehicles.



  • Fully synthetic engine oil recommended for high-performance gasoline engines.
  • Based on cutting edge technology with a tailor made additive system.
  • Meets the strictest emission standards.
  • Formulated for extra wear protection for long life of oil and engine.
  • Exhibits very high oxidation stability to withstand high temperature and high load engine conditions preventing sludge build up.
  • Excellent extreme weather operation.

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