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PRIME 32, 46, 68, 76


Servoprime oils are premium turbine oils formulated with superior quality hydro-treated base stocks and possess exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, excellent demulsibility, air release property and resistance to foaming. These oils meet IS: 1012-2002, BS 489, General Electric GEK27070, Siemens (KWU) spec. TPS 9013 04 (KWU), GEK 28143A, GEK 32568C, GEK 101941A (for Servoprime 32) & GEK 32568A for Gas Turbine (for Servoprime 32) and BHEL turbine oil requirements. Servoprime oils provide long service life and are recommended for lubrication of steam, gas and hydraulic turbines and can be used in hydraulic systems requiring long life lubricant of outstanding properties.


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