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Anti Static Oil


Kin. Viscosity cSt at 40 °C

VI   Min.

Flash Point COC, °C Min.

Description / Application

Servotexstat LV 40


Servotex 2152


30 – 40

35 –  45

7.9 – 9.0 (PH value)

8.0 – 9.5

(PH value)

Servotexstat LV 40 and Servotex 2152 are antistatic spin finish oils based on unique chemistries of antistatic agents and essential constituents of lubricating oils.  They lower friction between metal and yarn and impart — desired lubricity with antistatic protection to various kinds of fibres during yarn manufacturing, excellent wetting properties, reduced volatility, excellent water dispensability resulting in stain-free finished yarns / fabric.  These oils are used separately or in combination depending on the type of fibres being processed.