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Servoelectra is a high quality un-inhibited insulating oil developed for the use in electrical transformers & circuit breakers. It is manufactured through special refining process selecting optimum types of hydrocarbons so that finished transformer oil provides longer service life. It does not contain Poly-Chlorinated Bi-phenyls (PCBs).


Servoelectra is recommended for use in all types of oil-filled transformers such as in applications of power generation, transmission & distribution. It can also be used in both large substations or small pole mounted transformers. It is suitable for use in circuit breakers, switches and any other oil immersed electrical equipment.

In order to maintain a high di-electric strength, the oil must be kept in clean & dry condition.



  • High Flash point
  • Superior Interfacial Tension (IFT)
  • Superior TAN delta & Resistivity (Sp. Resistance)
  • Resists oxidation & deposit formation
  • Compatible with materials used in transformers
  • Superior electrical properties ensuring safety around high voltage equipment

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