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Servo Marine HYD Series

Servo Marine HYD oils are superior quality hydraulic oil blended with carefully selected anti-oxidants, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives. Servo Marine HYD 15 is blended with Naphthenic stocks where as other grades are blended from high viscosity index paraffinic base stocks.

Servo Marine HYD oils are recommended for hydraulic systems of deck machinery, steering gears, hatch covers, compressor lubrication, turbo blowers etc. These are recommended for hydraulic pumps even under severe operating conditions in stationary and mobile equipment. These oils are also recommended for circulation, splash, bath and ring oiling systems of the bearings (both plain and anti-friction) and gears of industrial machinery that require a long life lubricant. The best quality lubricates Sri Lanka deserves.


  • Provide good wear- protection, thereby prolonging service life of moving parts
  • Possess high film strength properties which help minimise friction and wear
  • Provide rust-protection, to reduce the incidence of corrosion
  • Have excellent resistance to oxidation thereby giving long service life
  • Have reduced tendency to foam thereby minimise the chance of noisy operation and erratic actuator response

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