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Servo Marine K 3030, 3040, 4030, 4040, 5040, 5540

Servo Marine K XXXX is a new generation, premium Marine Engine Oil series developed to meet the requirements of modern medium speed trunk piston engines(4-stroke) used in Marine propulsions and Land based DG applications. Carefully designed using virgin base stock and optimized, robust polar detergent chemistry, these oils possess good fuel asphalt tackling efficiency besides other lubricant characteristics.
The superior performance of these oils has been demonstrated in several laboratory screening tests, standard and in-house rig & engine tests. These oils have shown excellent high temperature detergency characteristics esp. in the hotter engine parts like piston rings, piston under-crown etc. besides good BN stabilization in the field trial conducted.

Servo Marine K XXXX series is recommended for use in trunk piston engines (4-stroke) engaged in marine propulsion and land based power generation applications running on residual/heavy fuels.


  • Outstanding engine cleanliness esp. in hotter engine parts like piston rings & piston under-crowns
  • Higher base number (BN) stabilization even in low oil consuming engines.
  • Good anti-wear protection of piston rings and cylinder liners
  • Higher degree of compatibility with fuel asphalts
  • Good viscosity & insoluble control
  • Longer drain capabilities

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