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Machine Tool Way Oils


Kin. Viscosity cSt at 40ºC

VI   Min.

Flash Point COC, ºC, Min.

Description / Application



Servoway 32

Servoway 68

Servoway 100

Servoway 220


29 – 35

62 – 74

90 – 110

198 – 242









Servoway oils have tackiness, anti-rust and anti-foam additives enabling higher loading of machine tools, minimum stick-slip and chatter, and provide improved surface finish to the job. These oils protect parts against rust and corrosion and reduce oil consumption due to good adhesive characteristics. Servoway 68 and 220 meet ASLE standard W 315 and W 1000 as well as Cincinnati Machines specifications P-47 and P-50 respectively. These oils are excellent products for slide way lubrication of planers, grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig borers etc., involving high precision work and are also recommended for lubrication of gears by oil-can.


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