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SERVO SUPER DS 30, 40, 50


Servo Super oils are superior, heavy duty engine oils blended from highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and contain dosages of detergent-dispersant and antioxidant additives, to meet the stated performance standards.


Servo Super oils are recommended for:

  • Modern passenger cars
  • Supercharged diesel engines
  • Normally aspirated diesel engines operating under severe conditions
  • Generating sets operating on light diesel oil or high speed diesel oil.


Servo Super oils meet the following specification:

  • API Service SC/CC
  • E-PL 1/E-DL 1 of IS : 13656-1993
  • US Military MIL –L- 2104B


  • Minimise deposits on piston rings, valves and in the crank chamber
  • Protect bearings and other lubricated parts against corrosion caused by acidic combustion products of high sulphur fuels
  • Prevent low temperature sludge formation encountered in stop-and-go service
  • Have excellent resistance to oxidation thus providing high temperature stability and minimising excessive changes in viscosity
  • Ensure system cleanliness by holding contaminants in finely dispersed state
  • Prevent engine parts from rusting
  • Minimise wear of cylinder liners, bearings, valve guides, cam lobes etc.

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