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SERVO PRIDE, 10W, 20, 30, 40, 50, MG 10W-30, MG 20W-40


Servo Pride oils are heavy duty engine oils for diesel service. These oils are red in colour and blended from selected highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and contain well balanced group of additives, to provide high detergency, dispersancy and anti oxidation characteristics to meet the stated performance standards.


Servo Pride oils are recommended for:

  • Naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged diesel engines.
  • High powered gasoline engines
  • Mixed fleet operation


Servo Pride oils meet the following specifications:

  • US MIL-L 2104C
  • E-DL 3 of IS:13656-2002
  • Caterpillar Series 3
  • MACK T-7 test for oil thickening tendency.
  • Sequence III F


  • Provide excellent resistance against wear and deposits in automotive supercharged diesel engines
  • Have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability to resist decomposition in supercharged engines operating with high ring zone temperature.
  • Provide absolute control of corrosive wear that may result from use of high sulphur fuels because of good built-in alkaline reserves.
  • Maintain a high order of engine cleanliness

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