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RP 104 WD


Servo RP 104 WD is a dark brown solvent deposited, water displacing type rust preventive oil. It contains oil soluble surface-active agent, dissolved in solvent with a suitable corrosion-preventive and film forming components. They contain selected additives, which impart excellent ability to replace water from wet metal surfaces and form a uniform continuous oily film. Servo RP 104 WD contains special additive system for imparting thixotropic property, responsible for lower drainage after application of rust preventive oil.


Servo RP 104 WD can be applied at room temperature by dipping or spray method. When the metallic component is dipped in Servo RP 104 WD, the water adhering to the metal surface gets dislodged by a extremely thin film of the product. Usual precautions with a solvent-based product should be taken while using Servo RP 104 WD . The film formed over metal surface can be easily removed by dipping or wiping with a suitable solvent or mild alkaline cleaners.



  • Thin oily film obtained by evaporation of solvent.
  • Excellent water displacing characteristics
  • Easily removable with organic solvents and alkaline cleaners
  • Suitable for wide variety of applications
  • Excellent rust prevention for longer duration
  • Ideally suited for interim and long duration protections of steel components
  • Good compatibility with metal working lubricants
  • Provide adequate lubricity for mild pressing operations

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