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Servo Marine T series

Servo Marine T oils are premium quality lubricants lubricants Sri Lanka deserves, especially formulated to give outstanding performance and long life in modern turbines of Marine vessels. Servo Marine T oils are manufactured from superior quality hydro treated base stocks and contain carefully chosen antioxidant, anti wear, rust inhibitor and defoamant additives.

Servo Marine oils are recommended primarily for use in Marine turbines of all types including steam, hydraulic and gas turbines. Servo Marine T oils also provide excellent performance in hydraulic machinery circulating oil systems and all other applications where high quality, stable lubricants with good water separating characteristics are required.


  • Outstanding oxidation stability assures long service life with freedom from deposits & sludge
  • Superior rust inhibition assures protection against corrosion or rusting of costly precision parts.
  • Good water separation property provides for speedy removal of contaminating water from leaks and condensation.
  • Excellent anti-foam characteristics ensure smooth functioning of governors and minimize the risk of sump overflow.
  • Good air release property makes the oil free from locked air ensuring smooth and trouble free operation of the lubricating oil systems.

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