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Knitting Oil


Kin. Viscosity cSt at 40 °C

VI   Min.

Flash Point COC, °C Min.

Description / Application


Servoknitclean 12

Servoknitclean 32


11 – 14

29 – 35









Servoknitclean Oils are stain -free knitting machinery oils for use in automatic circular knitting machines. They are formulated from light coloured mineral base oils and fortified with selected additive package for guaranteeing superior scourability properties and high anti wear and antirust properties. They provide improved lubrication, improvement in quality of knitted fabrics and can be used through manual as well as mist lubrication devices.


Servoknitclean 22 Plus


20 – 24






Servoknitclean 22 Plus is specially designed to provide excellent scourability performance in both hot and cold wash scouring conditions.  Approved by the Textile Committee, Tirupur (Industry of textiles, Govt. of India), it has energy savings potential by following cold wash scouring procedures by the knitting mills.


Servoknitclean BD 32


29 – 35






Servoknitclean BD 32 is a scourable and biodegradable knitting oils providing effective lubrication during the use. The oil exceeds the Indian and European requirements of minimum 70% biodegradability for ECO MARK.

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